The Deaf community is suffering from isolation with limited communication access, here’s how we are proposing to keep the Deaf community connected.

Sign Language Interactions (SLi) Group is pleased to be offering new Pay As You Go services with InterpreterNow and SignVideo to help increase the access to secure, safe, BSL video communication. If you are struggling with looking for a BSL/English interpreter, then don’t look any further.

We have a solution to suit your needs!

Are you:

BSL user? Do you need BSL access for work related or personal uses?

Service Provider? Do you need to provide BSL access for your BSL customers?

BSL Interpreter Agencies? Do you need to refer your bookings to remote providers in order to continue serving your BSL customers?

We are delighted to be offering two services that could give you the perfect access solution:

Pre-booked session:

Do you have a session that needs to be interpreted? Something urgent? A work meeting? GP appointments? Council meeting?

Book with us and you can choose a ‘slot / session’. Once you have made payment to us, we will offer a link, where you can just simply click and it will connect to the BSL interpreter on the screen, in an instant!

To book a pre-booked session, please click on the button below and fill out the form.

We will get back to you to organise the payment and to confirm the slot.

SignVideo at Home


Do you want the flexibility of calling a BSL interpreter whenever you need it?

Or when the BSL users call service providers whenever they need to? Sign up with us and customers can buy a package of minutes, they will receive an account, then the BSL user can make the calls (on a pay as you go basis). It means that you would not need to subscribe to our service for this interim uncertain period we are all in.

This type of service can benefit the Deaf community who may be funded by Access to Work (AtW), or fund support themselves or who get funding from their employer. It can help Deaf people continue with their work, especially if they are now working remotely.

This new temporary service can also be helpful for businesses and those companies in the public sector e.g. GP’s or hospitals who traditionally use face to face interpreters. If these types of companies bought this service then they can continue to provide access for their Deaf BSL users, remotely.

So this ‘Pay As You Go/On-Demand’ service can provide a useful solution for the Deaf community and hearing businesses.


  For further information and pricing, please contact SLi Head Office at:

EMAIL: | TEL: 0333 344 7712 | BSL: