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Colette’s story

When Colette’s three year old son had a nasty fall, she needed medical advice quickly. Colette has always had to rely on unqualified friends and family to interpret for her, but using InterpreterNow to call NHS 111 gave her the independence to seek professional help.

Lisa’s story

For the first time ever, Lisa was able to phone NHS 111 in her own language. She was able to ask for medical advice without any communication barriers, making it a smooth and stress free experience.

Andrew’s story

Over a period of ten years, Scottish resident Andrew endured eleven operations. Despite asking, an interpreter wasn’t provided at any of his appointments. Recently Andrew fell ill again but this time he had access to an an online interpreter with the ContactScotland BSL service which, he says saved his life.

What is InterpreterNow?

InterpreterNow is an online interpreting service that deaf people can use to communicate with hearing people, in face-to-face meetings or over the phone.

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, deaf people can make a video call to a fully qualified and registered BSL interpreter. The interpreter will then phone a person or organisation for you, relaying your conversation or, interpret for you in a face-to-face meeting.

Making a call to a hearing person or organisation

You can use InterpreterNow to call a service or individual. The service or individual must be signed up to InterpreterNow too. When you make the call you will be connected to a fully qualified British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter.

Please regularly check the ‘Who can I call’ page to see which services have signed up to use InterpreterNow

Receiving a call from a hearing person or organisation

A hearing person or organisation can call you back directly using InterpreterNow. If you want to receive videos calls from our online interpreters, you need to leave the InterpreterNow app running on your smartphone or tablet.

When you answer the video call, the interpreter will appear on your screen. They will tell you who is calling and will then interpret the conversation between you and the hearing person.

You can use InterpreterNow to:

  • Call an organisation that has signed up to use the InterpreterNow service
  • Receive a call from a hearing person or organisation that subscribes to InterpreterNow
What is VRI?
What is VRS?
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InterpreterNow delivers services to..

Interpreting Partners

InterpreterNow works with different Deaf organizations and BSL agencies who provide and manage the interpreters

Sign Language Interactions is an interpreting company providing communication support services. It has experience in working with health boards, local authorities and other organizations to scope out local needs, pilot and deliver services.

Nottinghamshire Deaf Society (NDS) is a registered charity working to improve the social inclusion and well-being of deaf people across the East Midlands since 1890.