Contact Leicestershire Police 101 BSL Service

You can contact Leicestershire Police in a non-emergency situation by making a video call to a BSL interpreter:

  • using the InterpreterNow app on your smartphone or tablet: in the app, tap on “service” and then “Leicestershire Police 101”


  • using your computer and webcam: click on the “Connect” button below
    username: police101 password: police101

The BSL service is open 8 am to midnight every day.

Please note that all calls made to the Police are recorded.


username: police101
password: police101

User Guide

The interpreter will telephone Leicestershire Police and then relay your conversation with the Police. The Police contact-handler will ask you questions to understand why you need the Police. The questions will include asking for your name, your address, where you are now, and the location of the crime or incident you are reporting.

If it is necessary, the Police contact-handler will book you an appointment for a Police Link Officer for Deaf people (PLOD) to come to you. The appointment will be at a time suitable for you. PLOD are Police officers who are trained in some British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness. PLOD are not qualified interpreters but they will help you whilst waiting for an interpreter, if one is needed.

Sometimes the Police contact-handler will arrange for a Police officer to attend straight away.


A non-emergency situation is when a crime has happened previously or you are worried about something in the area you live. For example:

  • you find that something has been stolen
  • you find that your car or property has been damaged
  • you need some advice about problems in your area
  • you want to contact a PLOD officer


An emergency is when something is happening now, for example:

  • you see someone breaking into a car or house
  • you see someone getting hurt
  • you see a house fire or a car accident

If you are calling about an emergency, then you need to:

  • text EmergencySMS. Text your message to 999. REMEMBER you must register first by texting ‘REGISTER’ to 999. Then follow the instructions. For further information please visit the website


  • Use NGTS (Next Generation Text Services) by calling 18000. NGTS is the new name for Type Talk


  • Voice call 999. If you cannot make a voice call, you can ask someone else to call on your behalf

You need:

  • the InterpreterNow app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.


  • a modern computer with a webcam

It is important that you have a good broadband internet connection through either 3G/4G or WiFi. It is best if no one else is using your internet connection while you are on the call, especially not playing online games, streaming music or watching films.

If your video call fails while you are connected to the interpreter, try calling again. You may need to restart your computer.


Click here to download the app and register with InterpreterNow.


The Police will collect information about you to help them identify you and provide you with appropriate help and advice.

The Police will record information about the incident/crime you are reporting and the advice they have provided. This information will be recorded on a Police computer system.


All Police services have a legal duty to protect information.  The Data Protection Act 1998 further defines how we can collect and handle personal information.


The Data Protection Act 1998 allows you to find out what information about you is held by the Police. This is known as the “right of subject access”.

If you want to make a subject access request for personal data held in respect of any services provided by Leicestershire Police you should make a written request to:

Data Protection and Information Security section
Leicestershire Police
Force Headquarters
St John’s
LE19 2BX
Telephone 101 ext 5222
Fax (0116) 248 5217