Our Partners




The InterpreterNow app was developed by our technical partners nWise. Their MMX platform software also handles multimedia access from desktop or laptop computers.

nWise are Europe’s leading provider of national platforms for video and text communication for deaf and hard of hearing people. The MMX platform is also in use in the USA, Japan and Thailand.

The MMX platform:

The MMX platform is designed to enable contact centres to handle incoming calls in video, voice and text from one platform.

Future proofing:

The unique design and functionality of MMX mean that InterpreterNow is able to offer an innovative service and plan for additional features to make the service even more inclusive in the future.

Operating System:

The InterpreterNow app works on any smartphone or tablet that runs on the Apple or Android operating system. This allows Deaf users to access InterpreterNow anywhere where there is good internet access. The service can also be accessed on PC/laptop/Mac through a web-based application for users that do not have access to a smartphone or tablet.