Online Interpreter Pre-booked Sessions

Pre-booked sessions – what can they be used for?

One-to-one/one-to-few meetings

Two (or more) people in same location – interpreter remote.

This can be when two or a few (we recommend no more than 3-4) people are in the same location with the interpreter remote.

A device that connects to the internet is required such as:

  • Desktop/laptop computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile phone

Telephone calls

Two people in different locations – interpreter remote.

This can be when you need to make a telephone call at a specified time.

It could be for example calling a patient, a client/customer, participating in a tele-conference.

  • A hearing person would require access to a phone – we provide unique number to call.
  • A Deaf BSL user would require access to an internet enabled device (App or browser based).

Consultation meetings

Two people in different locations – interpreter remote – sharing same screen.

This can be when it would be extremely useful where all participants need to see each other on the screen.

Examples may include:

  • Medical consultation
  • Interview
  • Appraisal

On most occasions there is no issues with accessing our video interpreting platform. However, at times your network/firewall configuration may prevent access to our systems.

To prevent this, we suggest a test where possible. It may benefit all concerned if we test connections are all working as expected before the pre-booked session.

You may want to connect here >> Test Page << if you can see a recorded video then all is ready to go. If you see nothing or …. please contact us and we can put you in touch with our IT team.

We will send you all the information that you will need to take part in the pre-booked online interpreting session.

We would ask that you follow these instructions. This will include, how to login, and if required, any username and password.

Before the session starts, it would assist of you could ensure that there is minimum background noise. This will assist the interpreter during the session. It can be as simple as closing doors or windows. Try to place yourself where the background is plain and not visually distracting where possible.

If you have a preference or you have to use another video platform such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx etc, we would need to have the meeting login details forwarded in advance. This would enable us to prepare the interpreter in advance to make sure the online meeting goes as smoothly as possible and on schedule.