Transport for Wales partner with InterpreterNow providing Wales-wide online, instant access for Deaf BSL passengers.


From February 2020, members of the Welsh deaf community, and further afield, will be able to communicate with TfW staff via an online interpreter in real time! This can be at the ticket office, on the platform, even on board the train itself! Wherever communication has to take place, InterpreterNow provides an ideal solution.

The deaf community can contact TfW for information on train times, tickets or general enquiries, directly form the comfort of their own home.

The Interpreter Now app, free to download for Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users, provides 24/7 access to an online BSL Interpreter to assist communication between TFW staff and Deaf passengers in a variety of situations, such as ticket enquiries, platform changes, lost luggage and so on. In addition Deaf BSL users can use the app to contact NHS 111 in Wales for health information.

Here’s what people are saying:

Heather, who starred in the video, was really impressed as to how easy it was to download and use. She said after filming “this is so simple to use and provides instant communication where and when it’s needed.”

InterpreterNow has a proven history in providing the highest quality On Demand BSL Video Remote Interpreting over many years

Andrew Dewey, CEO of InterpreterNow, says. “We are proud to be working with TFW to help improve the experience of Deaf BSL users on the railways in Wales in this way.”

Will Brown, Project Lead for TFW says. “Delivering this project to the deaf community has been a pleasure and I hope it kickstarts other beneficial technological projects up and down the country”

Jonathan Colligan of InterpreterNow says. “We congratulate Transport for Wales in recognising the importance of inclusion in its operations”

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Communication where and when it matters!