Video Relay Service (VRS)

What is VRS?

VRS allows hearing and Deaf people to communicate via the telephone.

A hearing person can use a mobile or landline telephone to call a Deaf person on their smartphone or tablet. The hearing person will hear the interpreter over the phone.

A Deaf person can use their smartphone or tablet to call a hearing person on their mobile or landline.

How it works for hearing people:

  • The hearing person calls the InterpreterNow number and is connected to a fully qualified interpreter.
  • The hearing person asks the interpreter to connect them to the Deaf person using the Deaf person’s i-now number.
  • The Deaf person will see the interpreter on their smartphone or tablet.
  • The interpreter will sign what the hearing person is saying to the deaf person and voice back to the hearing person what the Deaf person is signing.

How it works for a Deaf person

  • The deaf person opens the InterpreterNow app and is connected to a fully qualified interpreter, who they can see on their smartphone or tablet.
  • The Deaf person signs to the interpreter, asking them to connect to a service or organisation that is signed up to InterpreterNow.
  • The interpreter calls the service or organisation.
  • The interpreter will interpreter and relay the conversation between the deaf person and hearing person. The interpreter will voice what the deaf person signs and signs what the hearing person says.

Where VRS can help you?

VRS is suitable for:

  • booking appointments
  • dealing with telephone enquiries
  • calling local authorities or public services