From 31st July 2016, all NHS and adult social care organisations in England have a legal duty to comply with a new set of rules called the Accessible Information Standard.

The Standard ensures deaf people have the same access to information as hearing people, communication needs are met and information is provided in an accessible format.

SignHealth are working with organisations and deaf people across the country to make sure the Standard is enforced.

If a deaf person needs an interpreter at their appointments and their health provider will not book one, SignHealth will contact and challenge the health provider. We will not give up until the provider agrees to provide an interpreter.

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We will continue challenging GPs, hospitals, dentists and opticians across the country until deaf people have full access to health services. If you want to help enforce the Standard as well, you can.

You can Download and print this form and give it to your GP, dentist, optician or hospital.

The form tells service providers that the Accessible Information Standard is a legal requirement. It gives them a clear picture of your communication needs and explains how to book an interpreter.

Before you give the form to your service provider, you will need to fill it out. The first page tells your service provider about your communication needs (BSL, lip-reading etc). The second page tells your service provider how you want to be contacted (Video relay, text, email etc) and how you want information given to you (a DVD with BSL on it, easy read English etc). The third page explains how to book an interpreter, which your service provider may find useful.

Click on the green buttons below to see more information in BSL and English.

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If your needs are still not met, it is your right to challenge your health provider. If you have tried this in the past and been unsuccessful, please contact Jo at SignHealth and Jo will work with you to solve the problem.



SMS: 07500 760990

Small group2We’d like to know if the Accessible Information Standard is working for you. Has your access improved since July 31st? Are you still facing barriers? Please comment below or send an email to

For more information about the Accessible Information Standard, including what your rights are, and information about how to make a complaint, please visit our website: