New research by AXA PPP Healthcare says that there has been an increase in people searching Google for advice on how to cope with anxiety.   According to the NHS there are 9 million people in the UK who suffer from depression or anxiety.

People who suffer from anxiety worry about the future, think negatively and find it hard to relax. When these feelings become unmanageable, it can affect the person’s wellbeing.

The research by AXA PPP says that the reason more people are feeling anxious may be due to worries about things that are happening in their own lives, like exams, and in the wider world such as terrorism and Brexit.

They recommend some simple steps which patients can take to help deal with an anxiety disorder, including:

  • Lifestyle changes: Makes sure you have a healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep.
  • Change the way you think: There are different way of changing your thinking patterns including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness.  A therapist can help you find out more about this.
  •  Talk to someone: If you are really struggling with your feelings, the best thing to do is tell someone about it. This could be a family member or a friend.

If anxiety is affecting you please contact BSL Healthy Minds.  We can support you in British Sign Language if you are experiencing depression, anxiety or any similar mental health problem.

More information about anxiety can be found at AXA PPP healthcare’s Mental Health Centre.