Connecting to the remote interpreting service is simple…

To make a video call you need access to the app or a PC/laptop.

To call a sign language user you need access to a phone.


Sign language users:

Connect using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This would be for both VRS and VRI services.

HSCNI staff members:

Connect using your landline/mobile phone the same as any other call.
This would be for accepting a VRS call – for VRI in the same location a device would have to be shared.

Using the app

Using a PC/laptp

Using a mobile/landline phone

You will need to Register to use the app.

Register here (takes less than 2 minutes) <<<

After registration the app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

You will need access to

  • Internet connection
  • Camera installed/attached
  • Microphone/speakers (for VRI only)

Connect to interpreter here <<<

(opens in new page)

To call a Deaf person (sign language user) all you need to do is call the following number and ask for the person by name.

If they are registered, online, and available, you will be connected via the remote online sign language interpreter.

Call: 0333 344 6012